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Suzette Fugl

I have 25 years of experience from the service industry, both nationally and internationally. I started my career as a tour guide in overseas countries before starting my own incoming bureau in Bali. Upon my return to Denmark, I found employment as an Area Sales Manager of “Group & Events” for American Express, where I was responsible for events and clients in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. This job led me to Scandic Copenhagen as Director of Sales.

My focus is on creating success for the individual, whether it’s career advancement, a new job or selling the right product. I am passionate about sales, training and education, and my natural rhythm is well-tuned to the hectic pace of the tourism and service industry.

Phone: (+45) 22 21 84 89

Connie Leonhardt

I have 16 years of experience with recruitment, career counselling and the development of training courses and strategy in my own company. Prior to that, I held positions in the hotel industry for 15 years as an employee and manager at Hotel Landsoldaten (Fredericia), The Rock Hotel (Gibraltar), Hotel Phoenix Copenhagen and most recently Hotel d’Angleterre (Copenhagen). These experiences are the bedrock of my career at FUGL LEONHARDT. Furthermore, I continuously complete various management courses and test system certifications, etc. For more than 12 years, I have also been affiliated with and engaged in the Copenhagen Hospitality College as, among other things, an examiner for receptionists.

I am known to be action-orientated and my goal is to create long-term and useful solutions, especially when it comes to the match between business, job and job-seeking employee. I have always had a passion for the hotel industry, service and education and for being at the forefront of developments. I am particularly engaged in quality assurance.

Phone: (+45) 40 15 84 64

Lone Møller

Whether I teach, recruit staff members or act as counsellor/coach, I draw on nine years of experience as a self-employed business coach in combination with more than 20 years of hotel industry experience, including a position as interim manager for six years and general manager for ten years. In addition to holding a position as general manager, I was also responsible for building a common platform for staff development for three companies. Furthermore, I have held board positions within the education, tourism and business sectors. My focus and energy have always been with people (relationships, communication and development).

Over the many years that I have served in the hotel industry, my three greatest strong points have been: The ability to always ensure the right person is in the right place; To put together an optimal management team; To get the whole organisation to pull together in the same direction. Based on these factors, I have created results in relation to quality, cooperation and service.

Phone: (+45) 77 33 00 00

Stinne Bruun

Phone: (+45) 77 33 00 00


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