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Value based recruitment

The employee is the key to success - effective recruitment that creates value

FUGL LEONHARDT specializes in finding the right employee for your company's unique needs. With many years of experience, strong recruitment models, and a broad network in the service and hospitality industry, we are the fastest path to effective and targeted recruitment that creates value on the bottom line.

Private homes and embassies in Denmark

As the leading recruitment agency for Embassies and private households we recruit high-calibre candidates with the right skills, experience and personality to match your vacancy.

FUGL LEONHARDT has excellent experience in retrieving staff from within Denmark and around the world. FUGL LEONHARDT has a strong candidate database and great network and can assist you in searching for the best butler, matron or Chef of House.

We always work confidentially and with great respect for privacy.

Retain your employees

Employee retention can be the difference in the degree of success achieved

We believe that time has passed from a few days course which often “just” ends up as another in the crowd. We have therefore optimized our course so that it becomes a living experience in theory and practical knowledge, focusing on the company's DNA and relevant cases.

We work with staff training on an individual basis or in teams - always focusing on the real world. We recommend that the course does not stand alone and has different follow-up models, so that the learned is rooted.

Personality tests

Your key to growth

We make use of tests in connection with recruitment, individual coaching and career coaching. We have also, with great success, used tests at a more organizational level. A tool that offers an advantage in the search for a strong and reliable result, so that you can both select, strengthen and retain the ideal employee.

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